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Daily cruise to Samothraki is a unique experience!

Kremasto NeroKremasto NeroKremasto Nero view from above.Swimming in the Kremasto Nero«Tis Grias ta pania»Vatos beachVatos beachVatos beachVatos beachVatos beachVatos beach

Experience the authentic experience of a cruise around the island of Samothrace!

📌11: 30 am, Port of Thermais (long route)

📌15: 00 Thick Sand: (short tour)


*Depending on the weather conditions, as well as the completion of the minimum number of passengers.

We offer daily guided by chris craft boat tours.

*Maximum occupancy 8 people.


+ 30 25510 95359

+ 30 6975907181

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Visit the best sights of Samothraki

Navigate by boat to the beautiful beaches and swim in the blue waters


Take a look at some of the wonderful things people say about us.

An amazing journey is worth its money.

The feeling is unbelievable, you can sunbathe on a net in front of the boat, and as the ship sails, you get wet by the waves that hit boat.


Waterfall throws its waters into the sea!

The best cruise ever. Fantastic place the “Hanging Water”. This waterfall falls from a height of 180 meters in a rocky area and ends up in the sea where you can swim.

Vatos, invigorating swimming in the crystal clear waters.

I loved Vatos beach. Magnificent beach with white high pebbles, lovely seabed and turquoise waters, surrounded by tall rocks.